Should Teens Be Tried As Adults

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Some may think that kids wouldn’t be able to do a crime as bad as a grown person. On the news, internet, or social media, people see what horrible crimes some people commit, but most of those accused have one thing in common: age over 18. Some of the crimes committed are murder, rape, and others. Furthermore, there are times where juveniles, people who commit crimes under the age of 18, being tried as adults. The offenses that trigger the juveniles to be tried as an adult are generally, again, murder and rape. Some may think that juveniles being tried as an adult is unfair and foolish due to the accused’s age. Teens are more irresponsible, immature, and receptive to everything around us than adults. It is common for teens to mess up more than adults because their lack of knowledge and wisdom. Do I think juveniles being tried as adults is fai? No, I do not. I believe there is another way of resulting this matter. A few good ways to combat adult trials for juveniles are community hours, rehabilitation, and parole. Jail is not the answer. Jail can influence teenagers to become even worse than what they used to be. Like I said before, teens are receptive to actions done around them. In prison, it's a free for all and you need to protect yourself. They do what they want to be safe. The younger people will learn aspects of jail and it may change their real world life. Sometimes for the better, but for the most times the worse.
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