Should Teens Get Birth Control Without Consent Of Parents?

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Many parents do not like the idea of this but, “46% of teens are sexually active and by the time they are seniors 62% are sexually active.” (kurt) This fact is alarming and birth control for teens is a very controversial topic. Should Teens be able to get birth control without consent of parents? We will discuss the positive and negative effects of birth control for teens using the need for birth control, effects of birth control, and the teen mom dropouts to show how necessary birth control is. The need for birth control has grown due to increased sexual activity in teens. Each year 850,000 adolescent girls become pregnant. 41.3% of pregnancy are teens 15-19 years old and 20% of abortions are teens. With the growing use of birth control in teens in the last decade teen pregnancy rates are steadily going down. The United States has the highest teen pregnancy rates, but we also have the most resources to fix this problem. When used correctly, birth control is 99.7% effective.…show more content…
Parents should consider the effect it will have on their family if their teen gets pregnant because they could just prevent it all. Most teens are scared to tell their parents that they are sexual active, so making birth control easily accessible to everyone would keep teen pregnancy rates down. Most parents think they can control their kid’s actions until they are eighteen and that´s not the case with sexual activity. Teens should be able to make the choice if they need birth control or not because they are making the choice to have sex. Most parents are not understanding enough for teens to tell them they need birth control. This is why teen pregnancy is such an
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