Should Textbooks Be Taught In Schools

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Schools are an essential place for everyone. It not only serves as a place for learning but it gives us some insight into the real world. It is the first place for many of us where we get out of our comfort zone. We start getting some real world experience, establishing friendships and less face its rivalries. Like in many environments, there are tools that you need for learning in schools. One of them that has become essential and very common are textbooks. They contain great and sometimes massive amount of information essential for learning. Unfortunately, there is only so much of this information you can fit on a sheet of paper. Textbook publishers need to make sure that a textbook 's content is legible and well organized. These in term leads to textbooks being as massive in size and weight as their content.…show more content…
They have to lug them around for their classes. Soon students start packing several pounds of textbooks as they need different textbooks for their different subjects. Schools have for years used lockers as a way for students to relieve the load they carry. Students are expected to leave the textbooks they don 't need and pick they ones they do. This has partly worked for some students. Unfortunately, not all students have the time to do the exchange. Part of the issue is attributed to the location of their classrooms in relation to the location of lockers. Another concern that students have when leaving their books is the possibility of someone breaking into their lockers. These forces these most students to carry all of their assigned textbooks on their backs. These loads can be as heavy as 40% of a student 's body weight. Time has shown that this has a significant physical impact on students. There are reports of all kind of physical issues that some students have suffered due to these loads they are submitted
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