Should Death Penalty Be Illegal

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The Death Penalty or the Capital Punishment should be considered illegal due to all of the things that are wrong with it. First of all the 8th amendment even says that there should be no cruel or unusual punishments for breaking the law, which the death penalty violates. Second the methods that they kill people sometimes don’t work and make the recipient die in pain and agony. Third of all 19 states already don’t allow it and some people are innocent that end up getting executed. So this shows why the death penalty should be abolished because the 8th amendment, the cruel methods used, and if we fixed this it would result in a safer and better society.

This ungodly sentence should not be allowed in the U.S.A, because almost half of are states already don’t allow it. Which should tell you that it is a wrongful punishment just because they made a mistake that they will regret their whole entire lives. Another thing is some people who have been put on death row have been executed and then looked closer at the case and found out that they had been accused for something they didn’t even do. And recently in the state of Nebraska they have found with the advancements in DNA testing that 17 prisons who were wrongly convicted on death row were set free. And this was also put into as support to change their law of the death penalty to life in prison. Another thing is that life in prison is
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But as I pointed out even one of our rights tells us that we should not do any cruel or over the top punishments on people. And the horrible ways that people come up with to kill people are just awful and would never do to anyone in the world. Lastly I think this data shows a good reason that the death penalty should be erased from our society and I hope you do
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