Will the Death Penalty Deter Crime?

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The Death Penalty: America’s Solution to Crime

What would you do if someone you loved was murdered? Would you want the murderer to be executed? The death penalty gives fair punishment to criminals like murderers, rapists, hijackers, and terrorists. The death penalty reduces crimes like homicide, rape, and terror attacks. It also saves taxpayers money. The annual cost is $31,286 per inmate, coming straight from taxpayers pockets (Santora). If you agree with the statement “an eye for an eye” you should agree that the death penalty should be legalized throughout the United States of America, the country would be a much more economical and safer place to live comfortably.
There have been hundreds of studies to prove that capital punishment is an effective way to prevent crime, some people even think abolishing the death penalty is a good idea, but it's quite clear that capital punishment reduces crime and makes this country safer to live in. “EXECUTING PEOPLE FOR MURDER deters other people from committing other murders.” (Tucker). The practice of the death penalty reduces the number of criminal activities in society. Some of these criminal activities include murder, terrorism, and robbery. This is because criminals or potential criminals are afraid of dying. To give proof, here's some evidence… For each execution, on average, about five homicides were deterred. On the other hand, for each life sentence given, on average, five more homicides resulted. The
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The death penalty is illegal in 19 states and is legal in 31. America should come together as one and legalize capital punishment throughout the U.S. The death penalty reduces crime, making the country a safer place. It gives fair punishment to murderers, because they deserve to die for their sins. It is also the most humane way to deal with murderers and save taxpayers
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