Should The Electoral College Be Abolished Dbq Essay

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Throughout American history, there were five cases where the electoral college votes did correspond with the popular vote during the elections of: Jackson, Tilden, Cleveland, Gore, and Clinton (Doc. G). When the founders gathered together in 1787 to write the Constitution, they were worried about many topics and did not want the Constitution to fail just as the Articles of Confederation. They considered many topics and thoroughly wrote a remarkable Constitution, excluding the slavery of African Americans, they did not want the government to be too strong and also did not want the people to have too much input. They greatly questioned: Who will choose the President? Therefore, they created the electoral college that is merely based on population …show more content…

Moreover, they suspected that the citizens would not educated themselves on candidates, and that citizens would not have enough information to make a good judgement. Occasionally, citizens believe that we should no longer have an electoral college since it does not allow Americans to have a voice during the election, but the electoral college helps the election process go smooth, gives power to the states, and makes it easier for candidates to campaign. Imagine going to a polling place, everyone frantic and nervous about who to choose since they have all the power in their hands. They may have briefly looked over candidates and are not positive on who to decide. Do you want clueless people deciding the future of our country? While many assume that the electoral college does not allow them to voice their opinion, the process of the electoral college allows the voting and election process to go smoothly. Electoral college accurately votes on a candidate that they believe will make our country great. In document B, it simply shows a pie charts that are comparing the popular vote with the electoral vote, …show more content…

Candidates go to states that are most likely to vote the opposite of their party. They want to persuade the state and the people to vote for them. But those candidates may not attend events in states that they believe will vote for their party every election. Also, they prefer to stay away from states that do not have a lot electors; they would rather focus their attention on Florida or California. As shown in Document A, there are 55 electors in California and in Florida there is 29 electors compared to Montana’s three electors and Wyoming’s 3 electors. In Document D, it visualizes the numbers between states with little amount of elector votes and compares it to a big state. The amount of electors in 12 little states on the east coast adds up to the amount of Illinois’ electors, considered a big state. Furthermore, if elections were based upon popular vote it would increase the amount of money spent during a campaign. That money could be used to better our country and maybe pay off some of the debt. As stated in Document C, “It is designed to promote good government and legislation that forwards the common good of a large and diverse nations.” If we spend money on additional campaigning it will not be good for our country since that money could help people in need. In order to have a good government,

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