Should The Electoral College Be Changed To Election By Popular Vote

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Dear, state senator I think we should change to election by popular vote for the president of the United States. I think this because the Electoral College does not seem fair, the president that usually wins in popular vote loses to the vote for presidency, it is considered a non-democratic method for selecting a president, and it is all up to the electors of a candidate. The Electoral College should also be changed to popular vote because it is not the people who are choosing the president, it is the three electors sent from each different state.
The Electoral College should be changed to election by popular vote, because it is not fair to the candidates. This is because most presidents that win the popular vote section of the election then end up losing the presidential vote section, an example of this is when candidate Al Gore recieved the most individual votes when running against George W. Bush, but Bush won the electoral section, recieving two hundred and
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It is also believed that the Electoral College makes potential voters not want to vote at all and they end up not representing their candidates. And most people already have a certainty of the outcome of the election, meaning they already know who will win the election based on the number of votes so far in the popular votes section and the electoral section. The system of electors is also not fair because the people can not control who they are voting for has the electors, and the states number of electors are equal to the number of people on its congressional delegation, which gives big states an advantage over small states.
To conclude this letter, I again say that the Electoral College should be changed to election by popular vote because, popular vote is fairer then the Electoral College, the people have no power compared to the electors and the are subject to corruption with in the
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