Should The Electoral College Should Be Abolished

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270: The number of electoral votes one must obtain to become the president of the United States. America chose its leaders that way since September 17, 1787; the signing of the Constitution. This process, called the Electoral College was designed by the Founding Fathers to elect the most powerful man in the world. On election night, electors from each state pledge their vote for a candidate based on popular vote of the individual state. Debate has arisen on whether this system should still be used to elect a president after the election of Donald Trump. The Electoral College should be preserved since it represents all states fairly, and exemplifies efficiency. Firstly, states are represented evenly through the Electoral College. In the article “Should the United States Keep or Abandon the…show more content…
However, Kimberling points out in his article “The Electoral College” that if one is elected with a substantial lead in popular vote, they are insured to the have more electoral votes. If one has barely a lead in popular vote count, both candidates would have the support to effectively lead the nation.(Kimberling) Counting and recounting all of the votes would be an unnecessary waste of time when two nominees have nearly the same backing from the people. The article also predicts that “if we become obsessed with government by popular majority as the only consideration, should we not then abolish the senate which represents states regardless of population?”(Kimberly) Therefore, the only way a person should be picked for the presidency is the Electoral College. Today, Americans throw away their constitution and founders who made the United States what it is today. Who will they turn to after they destroy the qualities that define America and its
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