Should The Government Provide Access To The American Dream

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What people perceive as the American Dream varies radically. Martin Luther King Jr. believed the dream could be achieved through racial equality, while others had thought that American Dream was based solely on economic prosperity. In order to address the concepts of many, the American Dream is a dream of change, a dream that someday we can all achieve our goals; a dream of happiness. Although many believe that America does not provide access to the American Dream due to many government restrictions that limit the potential one may possess; others claim the American government provides power to those who allow for constant growth in their lives that then leads them to achieve what they believe to be the American Dream. To some, the American Dream seems unimaginable. In fact, many believe that it is quite improbable that anyone could experience their own American Dream due to government restrictions that may seem to prohibit their growth. In a survey conducted by ORC International, around 6 in every 10 Americans believe that the American Dream is no longer available to them (Lubhy). Restrictions that make those surveyed feel as though the American Dream is impossible include the worsening economy and the rising costs of college tuitions (Lubhy). To be more specific on the economic concern, many believe that most of the American government’s money goes…show more content…
Despite many Americans believing that the American Dream is no longer available as there are government restrictions that limit their potential for success in any fashion, others insist that the American government provides rights for the people of America to be able to constantly achieve what they believe to be the American Dream. The American Dream is not just a dream of success but more a measurement of achievement and the ability to better one’s
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