Should The Government Should Regulate Herbal Supplements

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Regulation in the Vitamin & Supplement World Our health is extremely important, especially the older you get. In the world we live in today, sometimes we cannot consume all the nutrients we need by food alone. Food is highly processed in America and in this country, it is filled with tons of fast food and genetically modified food options everywhere you look. The need to stay healthy is important and it is becoming harder to tell what classifies as food or a supplement because some products are candy, whey protein, or tea we consume daily. An average American may use supplements to maintain healthiness or better their health. This issue effects people who are vegetarian, who want to be healthy, lose weight, or take vitamins. What is really in our supplements or herbals and are we protected from these products? Some ingredients are listed, but all of these items are not regulated by the government like food is. The FDA should regulate all vitamins and herbal supplements by labeling ingredients for all individuals who may consume them. This position includes three supportive arguments and three opposing arguments about the dietary supplement industry and regulation. Background…show more content…
Food and Drug Administration is an important government agency under the Department of Human and Health Services. The FDA is provided for people to protect them in a lot of health related care such as: food safety and supply, regulation of human veterinary drugs, national and global foods and tobacco, cosmetics, and other medical products. This government agency has a long history and is one of the oldest protection agencies in the government because its origins go as far back as the late 1800s. The FDA organization helps people of the population get the most effective, correct, science-based information that they need to safe products and

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