Should The Government Standardize Our Diets Essay

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Should the government standardize our diets? More than one billion dollars of food is squandered every year. Many people may like veggies, but at school or fast food places they may taste like garbage or have absolutely no nutritional value for example, iceberg lettuce used as the greens in a salad instead of spinach or romaine lettuce. Eating habits are and shall remain as a personal problem. In addition, many families are not as fortunate and cannot afford to eat healthy. The government should not regulate what we eat. Many families in the US are low income paid families. This is a result, in parents feeding their children quick, easy, and unhealthy foods. People can only eat what they can afford. Although many children are not as likely to be obese due to high metabolism but can still get heart disease. “When low income families buy junk foods and sugary beverages with Snap benefits (Source 1, paragraph 8).”many low income families do eat unhealthy. To prevent the unhealthy toxins from entering the future people “children” a benefit program titled “SNAP” is raising awareness and giving income to families that the government gives low income to. This is so that families can eat maybe not healthy but be provided with decent nutrients or whatever is affordable.…show more content…
Eating along with smoking or drinking are personal responsibilities. This being said individuals should be careful in eating habits. “Each citizen has a personal responsibility for his or her health, and time for Americans to take New Year resolutions to lose weight seriously (source 3, paragraph 42).” Regulation is not exactly telling you what to do, but is providing guidelines upon topics or food etc. This is okay in some views, but the Gov. should not “tell” us what to eat. Obviously eating habits were not stated on constitution or bill of rights for the government to
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