Should The Pig Man Be Taught In School

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Have you ever heard of the book the pig man? Well there is a debate about whether the book should be taught in school. I think that it should not be taught in school because it talks about drugs, alcohol, and does not have very good life lessons. Those things should not be taught in school.
The pig man should not be taught in schools because it has foul language. We kids are likely to repeat foul words that we see or hear. The book having lots of foul language is most likely to teach us more foul language. The pig man in the beginning is even supporting the use of foul language. The book also supports smoking and drinking. However, seeing john and Lorraine do this wants me to make underage drinking outlawed.
The book has very little life lessons and the ones the book has are not even valuable. The reason that this is important is because life lessons are valuable and life lessons should be for learning and entertainment. The book also has some times where a life lesson could be valuable but the story ruins it.
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However, in the book john uses it to calm himself down. Then at the end of the book, it even supports the bad habit.
The thing about teaching the pig man is that not all people have the same opinion as me. For example I say the book has no good life lessons but that is only in my opinion, other people might think that the life lessons are good.
In the end, it is my opinion but my opinion could help keep kids from scarring their brains. The pig man should not be taught in school because of the drug and alcohol references. What you could do to help is spread this essay around so this pig man epidemic can
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