Should The President Truman's Decision To Desegregate Segregation?

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Effects of president truman 's decision to desegregate the US armed forces -9980-9981 -set up boards and committees Responsibility fall on the gov agency.

Legal attacks on segregation thurgood marshall- civil rights lawyer for the NAACP.

Ada Lois sipuel fisher and George Mclaurin-supreme court ruled that no race should get a higher/better education 14th right of equal protection.

Law V Reality- De jure segregation exists by law.
Exists by practice and custom and harder to fight.

4A Separate but Equal

1896 US Supreme Court case Plessy v. Ferguson
Upheld the constitutionality of segregation
Provided the legal basis for racial segregation, as long as the separate facilities were equal

Disenfranchisement of AAs through
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When the whites only section filled up. She refused to give up her seat to the new white riders.
She was arrested and stood trial for violating segregation laws.

Montgomery Bus Boycott-
People walked, bikes, joined carpools.
In 1956 they let blacks ride buses.

Desegregation of little rock central High School-
Nine black students enrolled at all white central high school in 1957.
Arkansas had the national guard to prevent blacks to coming to school.

Oklahoma Sit-Ins-
Oklahoma City: Clara Luper was a local school teacher & director of NAACP Youth Council
After visiting NYC to perform a play for the NAACP in 1958, Luper and students returned with civil disobedience tactics
They began staging sit-ins and boycotts of Oklahoma City restaurants

The Freedom Rides-
Groups of black and white activists rode busses into the deep South to test compliance with a Supreme Court ruling that outlawed segregation on interstate bus travel
African-American Freedom Riders tried to use “whites-only” restrooms and lunch counters, and vice versa
Encountered violence from white
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Aug. 28, 1963: More than 250,000 people (including 75,000 whites) met in the nations capital
They marched from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Monument
The crowds listened to speakers demand the immediate passage of the civil rights bill
Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a Dream Speech”

5G 16th Street church bombing
KKK bomb the church killing four little girls. Sept,16: 1963 10:22
5I Civil rights act of 1964
Banned use of different voter blacks and whites.
Stopped all discrimination in public accommodations.
Allowed federal funds. Banned discrimination by employers and unions.

Fighting for voting rights-
Workers register AAs and black voters. (CORE and SNCC)
KKK murdered 3 volunteers.

5K Selma to montgomery marches
SCLC- Voting rights campaign in selma, Alabama.
50 mile march from selma to montgomery

5J Voting rights 1965
Eliminated literacy tests
Federal examiners could enroll voters who were denied by local officials.

SNCC shifts Gears-
Stokely Carmichael- Got tired of non violence so started carrying guns and stopped recruiting white activists,only black.

Black power movement- Stokely carmichael, Radical,
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