Should The United States Become True Equality?

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The year is 1776. A new country is born into a turbulent world, definitively shaped by the tyranny and oppression they had experienced for so long. The nation 's independence would be hard fought, but well worth it. Soon, it would stand united under one flag, with a vision of liberty and justice for all. And although the path ahead was long and treacherous, the United States would one day forge its way into history and rise up to become one of the most powerful countries in the world. The year is now two thousand seventeen, and the United States seems to be divided once more. People continue to fight for and be denied equal rights, violence is a part of everyday life, and lines are being drawn down the middle of our nation. Riots, discrimination, brutality; certainly this cannot be the future our founding fathers once dreamed of. The future that millions of men and women have sacrificed their lives to build. Our integrity is fading alongside our unity. Whatever happened to the American dream?…show more content…
They are the same hopes that we have always had, seemingly always out of reach. I hope that one day, the people of the United States experience true equality, where not a single person is considered lesser because of the color of their skin, or the religion in their hearts. Where men and women stand as equals. Where every person is granted access to opportunity. Where every child is fed and sheltered. In the future, I also hope that war becomes a thing of the past. That clean energy will win out over the old, harmful means, and peace will settle into the hearts of our enemies. No more mothers and fathers or brothers and sisters lost in order to protect our freedom. Terrorism and violence will fade away, and solidarity will take their place. We will stand united once more. I hope that in the future, the United States will once again become the home of the American
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