Should Transgender Children Be Respected

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When you think of a transgender child, you may think of a little girl or boy playing dress up in superman or princess clothes. Being, a transgender child is deeper than playing dress up or liking certain things that triggers their interest. Children, all around the world have changed their gender, because they believe they were born to be something different from who they are. People say it just a phase and soon it’ll pass, I don’t think this is true for all cases. Some people have been transgender since they were kids and continue to be. Why is it so hard to show respect to those who prefer to be someone different? Even if it was just a phase it is always reversible, they 're still human and they have feelings. I don’t think someone else would like it if they were disrespected, because they took a certain interest in something. Being bullied is like being hit by a truck, it hurts and it damages you for the worse. Should Transgender children be respected? Transgender children should be respected, because their human, changing gender doesn’t change who they are, we as people can try to prevent suicide in those with dysphoria who is bullied.
You can’t make someone change who they are and what they
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Dysphoria is when someone think they were born to be something other than what they are.People who are put down by others constantly can fall into depression. In the United State Forty-one percent of people think about harming themselves due to being bullied by others. Others, try to harm themselves by cutting, doing drugs, or committing suicide. 1.2% percent of transgender individuals have taken their own lives. People in America are very judgmental of people. Stop the whispers about others when you walk past them. Stop judging people because of who they want to be. Stop bullying people just because they look different from
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