Should Transgender People Join The Military

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The topic that I have chosen is whether transgender people should be allowed into the military. I will be campaigning for the side that transgender people should be allowed to join the military just like everyone else. The opposing viewpoint is that transgender people should not be allowed into the military. Just because someone is transgender does not make them any different than anyone else, so why should they not be allowed into the U.S armed forces? How would you feel if you were denied a part in defending your country just because you are different? If you are not a danger to yourself or your co-workers then there should be no reason you should be denied a job. There are many different reasons why anyone as long as meeting the given standards should be able to join the United States military. Denying perfectly qualified people from joining the armed forces just because they are transgender is doing nothing but losing out on more support and great workers. The total number of Military personnel as of 2017 is 2,363,675. The total number of transgenders that are in the military right now are estimated to be around 15,500 out of the 2.3 million service members. This number of not only transgender people could be higher but the number of service members that are ready to defend our country at any given time could be higher. Discrimination has been targeted at both blacks and transgenders, but in different ways. How come black slaves could defend their country but free
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