Should Transgender People Be Allowed To Join The Military Essay

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The topic that I have chosen is whether transgender people should be allowed into the military. I will be campaigning for the side that transgender people should be allowed to join the military just like everyone else. The opposing viewpoint is that transgender people should not be allowed into the military. Just because someone is transgender does not make them any different than anyone else, so why should they not be allowed into the U.S armed forces? How would you feel if you were denied a part in defending your country just because you are different? If you are not a danger to yourself or your co-workers then there should be no reason you should be denied a job. There are many different reasons why anyone as long as meeting the given…show more content…
Transgender people not being able to join the military has nothing to do with them not being able to protect and defend any less efficiently than anyone else. What it comes down to is that people do not like change and so they do not embrace it. It took until 2010 for the US to allow gays and lesbians to be able to serve in the military, there was no reason to not let it happen but the fear of change prolonged it and now we are seeing the same things with transgenders. Ever since gays joined the military not much has changed, the military did not crumble, they did not hurt the country in any way. This shows that the only reason it was not allowed is because of change. Still past all of this, there are still more reasons why transgenders not being allowed into the military is absurd. The United States has the strongest military in the world above every other country, why should we limit ourselves to being strong. If we allow transgenders into the military our numbers will jump by the thousands. The United States could go from having the best military to having an unbeatable military, by not allowing all qualified people to serve we are limiting our ability to be untouchable. There are 700,00 transgender people in the United States alone, imagine how many of them would join the military and how many more soldiers, airmen, and sailors we would have. We would be

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