Should US Entered WWI

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Should the U.S.A have Entered WWI Should the United States have entered World War I? I believe that the United States made the right choice to enter World War I. It may have cost us 100,000+ casualties, but we are the other countries allies and we didn 't want to lose trading partners. So we helped Britain, France, Russia, and Italy. Although reluctantly at first, America was drawn into the European war. America would have loved to remain neutral. Americans were drawn in mainly for three reasons. The first reason was that the Germans crushed Belgium trying to get to France. The second reason was that Allied diplomats spread false rumors that Germans had killed civilians, raped women, and hurt children as they went through Belgium. The third…show more content…
By doing this, the Germans killed many Americans unjustly. If the U.S didn 't do anything, then the Germans would 've kept sinking more ships and killing the Americans that were onboard. Also, the Allies were losing the war. The soldiers were exhausted from all the years of fighting (trench warfare), it took a long time to even advance. Now that Russia dropped out, all the German troops moved toward the Western front. This was a big blow to the Allies. If it weren 't for the U.S, the Allies would 've probably lost the war. We gained a lot of technical knowledge and income from our participation. We made huge gains in military technology for poison gas, machine guns, and submarines. We also had a huge boost to the American economy. Production and work opportunities to help the war effort got people working. We also continued to make money with helping to rebuild Europe after the war. Finally, Germany wasn 't going to give up. They wanted to win this thing. President Wilson said "Victory would mean peace forced upon the loser." Meaning, if the Allies won the war, then Germany would have to face the consequences, which would end the war (deaths,
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