Should Undocumented Immigrants Be Deported

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Immigration is very common in the United States, and many want them to be deported. Many people don 't see what happens when we do that. These people can make a difference in so many different ways. Having history background about trying to make it better and it 's not working doesn 't mean that we can use that as an excuse now. People can believe in what they want and seek what they want, but they are not making anything better. You can agree to disagree or you can agree to agree and make our economy better and not let Donald Trump become president and let him destroy everything when we can make it better by treating others to a path of citizenship. I want undocumented immigrants to get a “path to citizenship” and here are my reasons why. One important reason that…show more content…
Another key reason that undocumented immigrants should get a “path to citizenship” is that we are tearing families apart. As has made clear Upfront,2016,Senator Charles E. Shumer “The status quo is unsustainable. Without reform, our immigration law threaten to tear apart families and force our government to expend precious resources to deport millions.” Senator Charles E. Shumer’s point is that if we tear families apart we are making them afraid as it is right now, and we are forcing them today to leave and families now would spend time alone with children or just alone when their lover leaves. Today it’s still going on and us bring and forcing them to leave it hurt them and the others around them. Of course, it is possible to disagree with the view that it tears families apart and instead argue that they need to come with papers so they won 't be deported and if they don 't want to be torn apart from family they can stay back. However, the weight of the evidence is on the other side. What must be remembered is that families should feel safe and should not be forced or threaten to leave home and family. This is fundamentally why families get torn apart and it
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