Should Uniforms Be Required In Schools Essay

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Should uniforms be required in schools? Should uniforms be required in schools? Although you may be thinking, "Uniforms are lame, and uncomfortable." But look at the bright side and picture the good things that could happen, no bullying, organization, and no competition on dress and the good quality at schools. Uniforms were first made for a special type of dress code schools may require students to wear each and every day. They help control the dress coding rules with students and teachers. Uniforms are such a great idea to have required in schools they give so many good benefits to schools. Uniforms should be required in schools; a school uniform teaches students to dress smartly and appropriately with school and daily life (Source 1). When…show more content…
Uniforms help students to prepare for when they leave school and may have to dress smartly or wear a uniform in their future jobs, they gain responsibility to dress smartly, and dress appropriately. It brings so many benefits for so many reasons. Parents don't even have to spend so much money in clothing for their students. If students wear non school uniforms to school, their clothing gets dirty, and over used, when students go out after school, they won't have clean clothes to go out with. With uniforms in hand, after school clothes won't be wasted, school uniforms will be only used in school. School uniforms are exactly that, a uniform, instead of a fashion statement. School Uniforms can even limit some of the pressures that keep students from wanting to attend school. Some students in daily life in school face peer pressure with the outfit their in, or what others are in. Peer pressure can occur because of clothing, students get so pressured about the issue and decide not to go to school. Students shouldn't fear peer pressure due to clothing; students should go to school to learn, this should never be the cause to skip school (Source 2). School and education is an important step toward adult life and future living. Students need non peer

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