Should Vaccinations Be Mandatory?

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Do the benefits of getting vaccinated outweigh the risks. Although both sides of the argument have persuasive points; in the end, vaccinations should be mandatory for children. Requiring vaccinations would be beneficial because vaccines prevent disease and also keep communities safe. First we should look at what the experts have to say about vaccines, “ The Centers of Disease Control (CDC), American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Academy of physicians recommended that children be vaccinated against fifteen different common childhood illness / disease” (Ballarlo and Sprague 5 ). All of these large organizations know what they are talking about, as they are respected and credited in the field of vaccines. We should be listening…show more content…
For example, vaccines may cause side effects, “ In the 80’s some people became concerned because the pertussis or whooping cough, vaccines was causing seemingly alarming reactions, including fever-induced seizures and fainting”( Ballarlo and Sprague 6). Critics are the ones who found this flaw; and believe that side effects can cause serious harm. In addition, people are afraid of vaccinations because the effectiveness of vaccinations has been questioned lately, for example a lot of critics and even some doctors have spoken out, “ According to Dr. Mercola, a natural health supporter and physician, vaccinations are ineffective”, ( Griswold and Kramer 11). He says, that everybody will not develop immunity and that vaccination is a risk. Consequently some parents believe vaccines should not be required by…show more content…
It is more safer to get vaccinated than to get into a car,” No one questions that there is a small chance that a smallpox vaccinations could lead a patient to catching the disease (about 15 in a million by one calculation) or even death ( one in a million)” ( Carson -Dewitt and Lee 8). But the chances are so small that it is worth taking the risk, compared to a car “ one in a thousand “ the possibility of getting injured in a vehicle are a higher risk than catching a vaccination defect or the disease for that vaccination. To sum it up, vaccinations should be made mandatory by law as they provide safety for everyone and keep the children healthy around the

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