Should Vaccines Be Required For Children Essay

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Vaccinations are a type of treatment using vaccines to become immune to a disease. They were created in 1796 by Edward Jenner when he gave a 13 year old boy a tiny dose of dead cowpox. Shortly after the boy was immune to the disease smallpox.Vaccines are beneficial to society by reason they save money in medical costs, they save people’s lives, and they are effective in stopping diseases from spreading and existing. Vaccinations save money in the long-run because assuming that someone got a vaccine they will not have to spend money on medical costs if that person ever developed a vaccine preventable disease. Therefore, just getting a vaccine would cost less than having a bunch of health care costs. As written in the article “Should Any Vaccines Be Required for Children?” “ vaccines cost less in time and money…show more content…
When an adult has to stay home from work they are losing money due to the fact that they are not getting paid to go to work and they have to spend money on medicine and doctors visits. In Addition, reams of money could be saved in not just the US but the whole world. As said by UNICEF, an organization that helps children all over the world “That $6.2 billion could be saved in treatment costs if the vaccines were more prominent in the world’s poorest countries. ”(“Should Any Vaccines Be Required for Children” n.pag.). When people in our world get vaccinations, they help others by not getting others sick so they are saving money on medical costs as well as the person that got the vaccine. If people will not get vaccinations as they can not afford it then how will they have the money if they get a terrible vaccine preventable disease. LEAD IN“In developed countries, most vaccinations are readily available
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