Should Vending Machines Be Allowed In Schools

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Corporate sponsorships should be used by schools to provide a better learning experience for children and adults alike. With the extra funds from the sponsors, many things can be given and funded for the students that would be impossible to do without this money. Things like many clubs, arts programs, more teachers, or even a larger school. These things can have an extremely large impact on a student's education, and can make them actually want to go to school and learn. Corporate sponsors can be the only way some schools can provide a decent education to their students. With this money, many things can be advanced to create a better learning environment. Things like technology, new textbooks, and even better teachers. The school can build itself up and give more people the opportunity to have an education, and they can provide much needed equipment and uniforms for clubs and sports teams in dire need of them. Also, vending machines in schools can provide food for children staying after, like what happened to me when I played high school lacrosse. We ate lunch around noon and then would have to play a sport without eating other food for energy. The vending machines provide some nutritious food for students when they won't have the opportunity to eat for a while and need to. There are some companies that can give sponsorships as well, such as Apple, in the form of a product. For instance, when the library gets a grant through Apples program to get iPads, MacBooks, and the like. These schools have the chance to have a lot of good things for their…show more content…
Companies give poorer schools the opportunity to give their students a better high school experience with little or no actual advertising. You may see a logo once in while, sure. In the long run however, it's way worth it for the
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