Should Victor Frankenstein Have Made A Companion For The Creature Essay

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Should Dr. Frankenstein Have Made a Companion for the Creature? The creature in ‘Frankenstein’ by Mary Shelley is known to have lived an extremely tragic and miserable life. When he finished his tale to Victor Frankenstein, he justifiably demands for a mate to help him cope with all the ordeals he encountered and experienced. This creates the argument of whether Victor Frankenstein was correct in deciding not to create a companion for the creature. I believe Victor Frankenstein was correct in deciding to not create a companion for the creature because the two creatures could reproduce, the female creature may not even be attracted to the male creature, and Victor does not owe the creature the love of a mate. The first reason as to why Victor Frankenstein refused to produce a mate for the monster was because he was afraid that the two creatures would reproduce and spawn a new species. This …show more content…

Ideally, it would be perfect if the two creatures fall in love with each other. But, it is completely realistic for the female creature to be attracted to elegant men rather than the hideous creature. Victor makes this point in the twentieth chapter; “They might even hate each other...she also might turn with disgust from him to the superior beauty of man; she might quit him, and he be again alone, exasperated by the fresh provocation of being deserted by one of his own species.” (179) If the female companion regards the creature with distaste, this would cause more anguish for the creature as he would be shunned by his own kind. In turn, this would cause the creature to seek vengeance and may murder more innocent humans. Victor’s concern of the female creature turning away from the male creature is the second reason as to why I believe that Victor was correct in not creating a companion for the

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