Should Video Games Be Considered A Sport Essay

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Should playing competitive video games be considered a sport? I think that play a competitive video game should be considered a sport because although regular sports involves physical exertion it also involves skill and amusing oneself in an energetic and lively way. For example just like chess, League of legends (LOL) is a competitive sport because it takes Strategy and skill and is played worldwide. There are many games like those two examples and people get contracts and are paid for playing competitive video games. Competitive video games not only takes skill but the ability to be able to understand how your opponent thinks and plays as well as the rules for the game and what is expected to happen. You cannot just that easy it takes time…show more content…
There are two types of sports ones physical and the other is mental. Take T.V for example it takes no skill what so ever to do as of a video game where you must think and understand the game itself, and have the reflexes and reaction time for any competitive video game. Another type of gaming that is becoming a top competitive sport is virtual gaming it requires you to actually run, jump, crutch, reach, and physically move around and look at your surroundings in real life to achieve the same goals and results. Most people say competitive gaming is making us lazy but in fact it is healthy for our brain and can further develop the brain. Lastly all competitive video games do not require training therefore anyone can do it; that means even children would be able to play this and not have parents worry they might get physically harmed, plus they would most likely enjoy it. Most people consider video games to be a waste of time, a way to slack off, and say it makes us lazy. Of course nobody wants to admit they are wrong and that is why most say it is not a sport. In conclusion I think playing competitive video games should be considered a

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