Should Voting Age Be Allowed To Vote Essay

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If various countries such as Austria, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, and the United Kingdom permits sixteen and seventeen year olds to vote, why can’t the United States do it too? Despite what the public claims, research has verified that the average sixteen year old’s political knowledge is parallel to a twenty one year old’s. Today, in order to vote, individuals are required to be eighteen or older, but at some point, sixteen and seventeen year olds will join. The voting age should be reduced to sixteen because it’s a far better age than eighteen to start voting, launches new opportunities, and makes it fair for those who are sixteen and seventeen. Sixteen is a more appropriate age than eighteen to begin voting because adolescences that age are…show more content…
In addition, from an article from, the writer confirmed that the eighteen to thirty year old voting turnout rate is rock-bottom. If sixteen and seventeen is combined to that rate, it can significantly increase. Social media is in the mainstream within sixteen and seventeen year olds and those who are engrossed to politics are fed with news for what a runner for president is doing. On the other hand, sixteen and seventeen year olds intermittently volunteer countless times, are able to drive, and work without restrictions. In conclusion, sixteen is a preferable age to start voting because people that age are up to date and have time. Fresh opportunities open up if the voting age is descended to sixteen. For example, a former candidate running for president, Bernie Sanders, captivated young voters because he offered free college. If the voting age is lowered, more politicians can have offers similar to Sander’s. With these new opportunities, schools can design civics classes to educate and assemble new voters. Therefore, high school students get more options to choose from and those intrigued into politics will be satisfied. According to studies, teenagers pay an approximate amount of
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