Should Voting Be Mandatory Essay

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Everyone has the right to vote, but many don’t take that opportunity. In the article “Should Voting Be Mandatory?” Eric Liu tells us that “mandatory voting would prompt more Americans to pay attention to the choices;” people usually never pay attention to their choices, and then complain about it later when everything has already happened. (Par 5). Mandatory voting means that every citizen of the age of 18 and above that has a right to vote must vote. The thing that confuses me the most is that the people from The Civil Rights Movement fought so hard for equal voting rights, but the modern American citizens’ still don’t try to vote even though now all the citizens’ can vote. If we are given a right that people died for, then we should take a stand and vote, so that elections can be fair. Americans’ should vote to voice their opinion on important matter to move the country forward. Voting have to be mandatory for all citizen. There should be an equal participation …show more content…

The Civil Right Acts ended segregation for many things and voting was also a part of that, the discrimination that happened was based on citizens’ race, religion, gender or the origin from which they came from. Norm Ornstein in the article “The U.S. Should Require All Citizens to Vote” said “Americans rebel viscerally against the idea of taking away the freedom not to vote,” the one who rule against mandatory voting are stepping on our history. (Par 6). Many had lost their lives fighting over equal rights; as an American citizen, it is our duty is to be grateful for the opportunity and luxury that have been provided for us. Ornstein’s statement should help American citizens’ realize that there is no such thing as ‘freedom not to vote’, and how would they feel if the freedom to vote is taken away from

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