How To Get Rid Of Homework Essay

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Should we get rid of homework? Homework is an ongoing argument between parents and teachers whether it should take it out of the system, or if they should keep it in the system. There has been an enormous amount of research and studies done on if homework helps with academic learning, or if it is just a way to put more stress onto students and teachers. Whether it is good practice at home from what they have learned at school, or a way for parents to see how we are doing at school. Whether it helps us or not it still puts a huge amount of stress on us as the school year goes on and we get more homework. Many teens already have enough on their plate with getting good grades, working if they have a job, and extracurricular activities. Kirkwood High had noticed more students were seeking counselors for emotional and social help towards the end of the school year, so they started to give no homework on weekends to relieve students and teachers of stress. The students seeking the counselors for emotional…show more content…
Overall Homework is just something we put on the list of things to do on the weekend, and leaves us stressing out if we will be able to have time to do everything we have to do on the weekends. It leaves us with barely any free time at all, and keeps us away from spending time with our families. Why should you care? Have you ever seen how long your child has stayed up or just been doing homework in general? You probably do not see it or recognize it but they will spend hours doing homework. You may not see is since it has become a daily thing for you since you have been a child and since your child has started school. You may think they are fine but they are actually struggling just to stay on top of everything. Stop them every occasionally and ask them if they need help with anything. Whether it be something with their homework or something
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