Should We Hunt Persuasive Essay

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“Processed foods are usually loaded with added sugar… or its evil twin, High Fructose Corn Syrup”Majority of Americans consume more processed foods than organic foods and there has recently been news about how processed meats can cause cancer. There has been a long going debate about whether our society should hunt or not. However, according to this quote, there would be severe consequences if we did not hunt. There is a high amount of unhealthy Americans today and giving up hunting would increase this number. Why do you ask? Well, the main argument for why we shouldn’t hunt is that in today’s society we don’t need to hunt because we have supermarkets and the original purpose for hunting were for survival. I would happen to disagree with this because the main foods that we eat from the supermarkets are processed which is bad for our health.Hunting is good because it helps decrease or prevent unhealthy habits, microwave meals, and food company competitions.

If our society was not allowed to hunt then we would not have an increase of people in our society with unhealthy eating
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This is unhealthy because not only are you exposing yourself from radiation you are introducing yourself to inorganic materials. Hunting is good because it helps decrease or prevent using frozen foods.”The National Research Council (NRC), has affirmed that styrene, found in many types of packaging, can be” "anticipated to be a human carcinogen."” Carcinogen means a substance capable of producing cancer in living tissue. So we can conclude that microwaves meals have dangerous effects on the human body. In order to decrease the chance of getting cancer we must try to decrease the amount of microwaveable meals we eat . So by hunting you are increasing the amount of not micromanage meals you eat and also allows you to consume organic materials. This is another reason while you should
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