Should We Vote To Vote In America

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First of all, I want to start off by saying that we don’t actually vote for the candidates themselves, but for electors who cast their ballots on our behalf into the electoral college . To vote in the United States you have to be at least 18 years old, a U.S citizen and be registered to vote. Voting is typically a problem in the U.S because so few actually vote. Voting can be affected by many factors, including: Education, Ethnicity, Age and Wealth . People who are less educated and poor aren’t as likely to show up versus those who are educated and adequately wealthy. The less wealth people have, the less time they have on their hands because they have to work a lot more (especially if they have kids) in order to pay their bills, take care…show more content…
Most people told me that they either don’t have time or it really doesn’t matter if they vote. I could understand them being busy with school, homework and maybe a job but when I explained to them that all they had to do was register, fill out their ballot when they get it in the mail and turn it in at the drop box at highline or mail it in if they prefer, most people were surprised that it was this simple, but there were still those that kept on saying that they had a class or that they were running late probably because they didn’t want to take the three minutes to register. After a while most people got mad at me for asking them to register because someone else had just asked them like a minuet ago. I asked those people if they already registered and or plan to register and most said yes but when I checked on a couple of them in a few minutes they were still texting or watching a video on their phone. Basically what I learned for this experience was that even though I tried to show people that voting was important and it was a very simple process that they could complete in minuets those that didn’t want to listen were either just too lazy to get up and register or they just didn’t really care about which candidates were picked and how that could affect them in positive or negative

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