What Happens When Men Go Into A Transgender Bathroom

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Women and men have their own category of bathroom which is women 's bathroom or mens bathroom. Without a bathroom that separate from the transgender people then many women and men aren 't comfortable going to a public restroom at school and in public. People have this sense that they don 't know who’s coming through the bathroom door , it could be a guy for all they know. Having transgender going into a bathroom they believe they belong in is dangerous. For the fact that a women could be intoxicated in the bathroom but rather than a woman finding her there , it 's an intoxicated transgender going to the bathroom. Having separate bathroom can be a reassurance to people that they can be safe in public and can trust people coming into the bathroom.…show more content…
People might not like the idea of having 3 bathrooms and might be uncomfortable going to a bathroom that was made just for them. But, having a bathroom that everyone can go to depending on their gender is an ideal idea for many people and it can contribute for more private and safety matters. For example, a security guard was charged with assault for confronting a transgender women using the women 's bathroom. The security guard forced her out of the bathroom . By the time the police officers got there the security guard was arrested. “She said the officer put her hand on her shoulder and arm, grabbed her and pushed her out of the store” (nbcwashington.com). So that people can be safe and be secured we should have transgender bathrooms, people wouldn 't get the wrong idea and be safe using the public restroom when they like without worrying who 's coming through
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