Should Women Be Allowed In Hockey Research Paper

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Women should absolutely have the same equal right that men have in the NHL because they have the same skill set as men, the are only separated by gender, and the women should definitely have the same pay as men because gender is non essential. On one side of the debate people claim that girls would get hurt in the NHL but that is not a proven fact. All though there have been more concussions that have ended careers in the NWHL then there have been in the NHL. Women should get paid as much as men is because men play men and women play women, they both have the same skill set. After winning the right to vote in 1920, many women returned to their normal lives, believing that the battle for women 's rights was over. By 1960, social and economic conditions helped to expand women 's…show more content…
It is up to the woman herself to decide whether she is bothered by the contact in the sport. It is up to the woman to compete and put her skating and talent on the line against any other person, be it man or woman. If she does make it against all these odds, then it is against humanity that she has competed and only on that basis can her chance be taken from her. It is clear that women have the power, strength and determination to break through this ice wall of discrimination. Time, effort and talent will help them along the way. There is no mistaking the fact that men want to go out there and steal the show. For years, people have told women that they were too small or incapable. But, throughout the years, women have fought back. What can women do to make people realize the strength and capability that we have? What can women do so that they can be remembered after all the spectators have left the arena? Men should get out of their ivory towers and should start giving women more opportunities to prove themselves. Rather than being sexist and assuming that women can 't play hockey, men need to provide more opportunities. The problem is with men, not a lack of ability or
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