Should Women Be Allowed To Drive Essay

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Driving a car seems not that big deal for the first look. However, in Saudi Arabia, women are not allow to drive a car, and this issue is one of the most popular issue here in Saudi Arabia. There are some people see that women should not be allow to drive for different reasons. In the other hand, there are many people from men and women argue that women should be allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia as every where in the world. This issue started from the late of nineties, and it is still going those days. This issue should not take all this period of time because it is clear that women should be allowed to drive for different reasons. Women should be allowed to drive to have the freedom of movement, to save their money, to increase their chance to get a job, and to make them depend on themselves. First of all, the freedom of movement is a basic human right. Government and people should fight to provide people with their human right because it is the key to give them a good life. Women can drive every where around the world except in Saudi Arabia because they are banned form driving. Men and women are equal, so they should be allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia as men can drive.…show more content…
There is a time when some women find a job, but the problem is that they can not go to the workplace because the workplace is too far and they can not have a private driver. The costs of having a private driver is sometimes more than half the amount of a female employee 's monthly income. Therefor, some women choose not to work than to pay more than half of their income for a private driver. The lack of transportation is a fundamental obstacle to diminish the high unemployment rate among Saudi women which came to 36 percent in 2012 according to Ahmed Al Omran (2013). Prevent women from driving is the main reason behind the unemployment between women in Saudi
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