Should Women Be Allowed To Play Football With Men Essay

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When it comes to muscle, generally males tend to be the leaders, as studies showed estrogen-b and testosterone speed up muscle mass faster for men, so a sport like football all about shoving and pushing may seem like a good idea, but when it comes to woman it is a whole different story. It may seem sexist, but male skeletal systems were build for building muscles, but anyone determined enough will be able to match strong men, as there are female bodybuilders. Should women be allowed to play football with men if they please, or should they have their own separate league to make it fair. With my evidence, women should not be allowed to play with men because men have stronger bodies, and because it would get very crowded. John hopkins medicine research shows that the more contact there is in a sport, the less injuries there is.…show more content…
Even a role such as a quarterback is still a main person to tackle. Any you may also say that the safety gear will help people be safe, well it 's not true as 4-5% of all these injuries resulted in concussions, and 1% were lethal, so the gear may help but it 's not everything. The NFL already has over 30 teams, and with now women wanting to play, we will have to make more teams which cost a lot of money. Jerseys and padding are around 60$ each, and their are 2 of them one for home and one for away. Cleats cost 110$. Salaries is averaged to about 80000$ and you need over 30 people per team, and managers and head coaches and transportation puts this at around 3 million per year, and 2.7 every year after that. That 's crazy. As you can see, if women want to play football we should have a fnfl for females as there is a women 's World Cup, it is what we have done in the past and it would help us a lot as the injuries would go down and it would be less

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