Should Women Be Allowed To Serve In Combat Position Essay

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Should Women Be Allowed to Serve in Combat Positions? Women have served in combat positions during wartime over the course of the last few decades, without recognition. Now is the time to allow women to take on those roles on an official level. In the article, Maintain the Combat Exclusion for Women in the Military, written by Jude Eden, found at, Eden claims that the exclusion of women in combat roles should be maintained, dues to reasons regarding sexual dynamics, hygiene, and strength, amongst other reasons (Eden, 2015). Women should not suffer the consequences of hormones left unchecked, immaturity regarding sexuality, and an all around ignorance as to the capability of women in combat roles. Furthermore, women should be allowed to serve in these roles…show more content…
Army Captain Meredith Mathis, who offered cultural support to the US military in Afghanistan stated, “she has seen as much, if not more combat than a lot of infantry soldiers, what’s more, women secured valuable intelligence speaking with Afghan women who wouldn 't talk with the American men” (Michaels, 2015). This reveals that female soldiers on the front line could be considered very useful in cultures where women are considered the silent ones. According to, “more than 800 female service members have been wounded in either Afghanistan or Iraq, and at least 139 have died from combat and non-combat-related incidents” (Wallechinsky & Brinkerhoff, 2012). For over a decade, women have already served boots on the ground, in combat roles, it is time for those women who have been injured or who have sacrificed their lives to be validated and for a woman’s abilities in combat to be acknowledged and

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