Should Women Be Allowed To Vote Essay

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Women have fought strenuously and diligently to earn their suffrage and have an impact on their society as a whole. Women have yearned to have their voices heard and be able to speak up about their societal concerns specifically in politics. Fortunately, women were able to persist and strive for their ultimate goal: the right to vote, which was stated in the 19th amendment and ratified by three-fourths of the states on August 18, 1920. For women to have reached their goal, they had to go through many propagandas, campaigns, strikes, posters, and protests; however, some were not as persuasive as others. For instance, the poster shown in the document does not provide an empowering message to coax a person to allow women suffrage. As a matter of fact, the poster only has statements that degrade women’s values. For example, on the sign, it says, “Women and children suffer from dirty streets, impure milk, adulterated food, bad sanitary conditions, smoke-laden air, and underpaid labor.” This provides someone information to have pity on women due to their poor and destitute lifestyles. In my opinion, there has to be a reason to convince the person reading the sign on why women should be allowed to vote. In addition, the poster has to spark a compelling message that will be…show more content…
There must be interesting and relevant statements incorporated on the poster, rather than unnecessary ones. For the sign to be persuasive, there has to be something left behind in the reader’s mind that will have them ponder on women’s suffrage. Perhaps, an effective visual, an inspiring quote, or a persuasive fact will help change men’s opinions on women suffrage. Although this poster does not provide a convincing argument, many others did. Luckily, that allowed the people of our country to be free and equal, which is all based on three simple words in the United States Constitution: We the
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