Should Women Get Complimented On The Streets

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Getting complimented on the streets is not flattering. Women don 't wear clothes for guys to say something to us, specially strangers. Women shouldn 't have to change the way they dress just because they feel uncomfortable because of the unnecessary comments they get. There are plenty other ways to get a women’s attention, that don 't include scaring us. No, this doesn 't mean that all men that compliment on the streets have bad intention, but it does scare women because of how many news have come out about women getting attacked by this.

We dress for ourselves, not for a random guy on the streets, not to get attention from a stranger or to be yelled, chased after or get catcalled at. We dress the way we want to, because we like it. However a woman decides to dress, we should be treated with respect. Having a short skirt or a tiny shirt
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No, it is not normal or just unfortunate. It is totally unacceptable that women can’t walk in peace, that there is always a reason for us to be scared. Our society has made it so normal that people don 't care about it. We don 't feel safe walking down the streets, or wearing what we want, or even acting as we want.Getting complimented on the streets is not flattering. Avoiding eye contact, changing our outfits or routes to avoid it is not the solution. Women are not the ones that make the solution, men do. Saying that it depends on where you live or what you wear is not an excuse it happens at any time of the day, to people of every race, age, class, and sexual orientation. Getting complimented on the streets is not flattering.

We should be teaching men how rude it is to catcall at a women, instead of teaching women how not get catcalled at. It has gone so out of control that event authorities do it. Even women are starting to think it is normal and some are starting to accept it. And come on, if you really like a women you know this is not they way to get her attention. Getting complimented on the streets is not
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