Should Women Take Birth Control Essay

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Many women across the world debate whether using/taking birth control is right for them. Women can argue that birth control doesn 't do any good for them and that it is not effective at all. There are also women that can agree that birth control is very helpful and that it is useful for them when they need it the most. In the United States, almost 50% of all pregnancies are not planned every year. With those unwanted pregnancies about 32% end in abortion, and with the option of birth control many of those unwanted pregnancies can be prevented or it can may even be stopped. Birth control allows many women to prevent pregnancy. Women who chose birth control, which is also known as contraception have a way less percentage of becoming pregnant(Planned,Parenthood). Birth control has been around for many years and it has been used by many women all over the world as well.The use of birth control helps women to determine how many children they want to have and also the timing of all their pregnancies(KidsHealth). Using birth control can significantly lower woman 's chances of becoming pregnant. Birth control has many different types of methods of contraception,one method that is used more often than any other contraception method is the birth control pill. There are many women…show more content…
In my opinion I think the birth control pill is real effective,safe, and convenient. Taking the birth control pill is completely painless and it just takes seconds to take. The only thing women have to worry about is taking the pill everyday at the same time which isn 't really that hard to do. In order to lower the chances of abortion more women should start taking birth control. I have read that “At least one in two pregnancies in America are unplanned and most of those pregnancies lead to abortion”(New Health Advisor). To me that makes me feel that birth control is very necessary because if women don’t want to get pregnant then they should have used some form of birth control in the
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