Should Zoos Be Banned Essay

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Zoo is the place where wild animals are collected for tourist attraction, as there are several endanger species animals protected from extinction by zookeepers. Some people say zoos are safe to place for animals to live because they do not have to seek for food to survive. Other people say that zoos are not suitable habitat for animals to live, as some kinds of animals might be difficult to adapt to new condition. In order to make a peaceful relationship between human and animal there are two major reasons why zoo should be banned: rarely help animals from extinction and cause animals stress behaviors or lack of freedom.

First of all, wild animals are less likely to be helped by the zoo, because they were not born to be caged in the zoo for
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Some people believe that zoos are the place where wild animals can be protected from dangers, including extinction, hunting, and illness. Although this claim seems valid, who knows that those animals are feeling protected, nobody is going to feel happy of being caged in a little space. What is more, when animals cannot live in their natural environment, their lives can be in danger as bad as living in wildness. For instance, the food that the zoo feeds can be unsuitable for them and cause illnesses or even deaths. Animals live separately from its family in the zoo, and there is usually no parents who could teach them basic skills, which could help the animal to survive in the wildness. Once they are released to nature, they might not know how to survive. The point is that they have no skills of hunting or fighting off the other predators. Moreover, some people try to argue claiming that keeping animals in the zoo is beneficial for education, in fact, kids can learn almost nothing from it, and it is necessary to perceive animals in their natural conditions. According to CAPS reports that more than 2,800 children surveyed following accessed London zoo, the outcome of this survey indicated that many children are not just a lack of educating from the zoo, but a negative learning outcome. Only 38% of those pupils who visited the London zoo had a positive outcome. In contrast, the majority of young students (62%) were considered to show no progress in learning during their trip to the
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