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In 1874, the first zoo opened; however, since then there has been a lot of controversy around zoos. With over 10,000 zoos worldwide, the biggest issue people are seeing is that zoos are capturing innocent animals and putting them in small areas. In reverse, others believe that zoos are great for educational purposes. Zoos are extremely miserable for animals and they should be banned.
Zoos are highly unsafe for animals. Every day animals are being forced to entertain the public. 62 orcas have died at SeaWorld for the entertainment of selfish people (Krushel n.p). Colin Bairone one of Tilikum’s old trainers said, “I think everyone has a better understanding of the natural world and the intelligence and social infrastructure of these amazing animals and that concrete pools are not a place for them to be,” (Baker n.p). Not only do animals die for the entertainment of the people, they often become depressed. Frequently animals become mentally disturbed, frustrated,
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People say that zoos are important for education and are a great way for people to learn about exotic animals (Agnew n.p). Researchers cannot learn as much when animals are captive, you can learn just as much or even more while they are in their natural habitat. While some believe that zoos are important for education, they also believe that zoos are necessary for the survival of species (Zoos n.p). Most zoos claim that they take in extinct and needy animals, most animals at zoos aren’t orphaned, extinct, or injured at all (Zoos n.p). Lastly, one big claim is that zoos help conservation of animals (Borrel n.p). If zoos were really concerned, they would try to conserve animals in their natural habitat, “the only way to realistically stop extinction is to preserve the world’s habitat and ecosystems,” (Zoos n.p). While zoos may help a bit, there are better ways to help and learn from

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