Shout Dogoberto Gilb Analysis

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My family taught me that hard work pays off in the right time. I never understood those words and I still trying to figure out what that phrase really means. Everyone works hard for some reason like family, dreams, and goals in life. My father is a hard working man, and he works for his family. Furthermore, in the short story of “Shout” made me remember about the first job that my dad got in the United States. The short story of “Shout” by Dogoberto Gilb was really interesting to me for many reasons. The protagonist shows a little bit “Machismo” which is a strong or aggressive masculine pride. However, I am not saying that my father is a “Machista”, but sometimes when he had a bad day at work some of that masculine pride showed. My family and I can relate to the short story because the main character reminded me a little bit of my father. Even though, my father came home stressed and tired from work, and showed a little bit of his…show more content…
The only thing that he wanted to do was to relax in his own home. It was a really hot day, and he was tired and sweating from his job. Moreover, the man was a “Machista” because when he got home everything had to be the way he order to his wife. Furthermore, the protagonist shows that he is a “Machista” when Gilb writes, “ Didn’t hear me? How couldn’t you hear me? and why’s it locked anyways? When I get here I don’t feel like waiting to come in. Why can’t you leave the thing unlocked?” (pg. 68). These quote shows that the man orders his wife to leave the door unlocked that he did not like to wait to enter his own home. Additionally, the man came home with a negative attitude and the only thing that he wanted to do was fight and complain about everything or everyone. The protagonist was loading all his anger to his wife, even though she did not have anything to do about how his day went and also about the terrible hot
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