Show Business For Ugly People Analysis

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Created in 2012, British writer and producer Armando Iannucci’s political satire Veep, follows the lives of a group of dedicated but often bumbling public servants who work under fictional Vice President of the United States Selina Meyer, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus. It had been hailed as a “true look” into the workings of Washington D.C, where things are not always as glamorous or witty as they are on shows like House of Cards or The West Wing. At the end of the day, Show Business for Ugly People is tough, thankless work that invokes a lot of swearing, manipulation, and unearths some of the darkest parts of human nature.

One of these dark pieces was explored in the recently concluded fourth season of the show, and involved the Vice President’s
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A viewer can almost see what’s happening inside Jonah’s head; He’s trying to rationalize the incidents, convince himself that he shouldn’t be uncomfortable at all, this is just something that happens. An incredibly buoyant, often confident-to-the-point-of-delusional character who gets fired from various jobs at least once a season, it looks as though these sexual assaults are just going to be another thing that doesn’t, for all outward appearances, keep Jonah Ryan down.

Until someone calls it what it really is.

Deputy Communications Director Dan Egan (Reid Scott), a smooth and smug ladies man who often finds entertainment sparring with and tormenting Jonah, sees Teddy grab and molest him in the hallway, right in the middle of a conversation. As soon as he’s gone, he marches up to Jonah and demands “What the hell was that?”
Jonah visibly swallows and tries, once again, to block it out. “Nothing, it was jock stuff, y’know, just blowing off steam.”
And, as if to truly highlight the evil in the act, one of the most slimy and ruthless characters on the show does something unthinkable for Washington; He shows compassion. “No it’s not, Jonah. That’s sexual harassment.” He says, eyes wide with something akin to concern. “Jesus, does he do that to you all the
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