Show Choir Reflection Essay

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During this show choir season, I have thrown up eleven times. Not only before performing, but also while performing. However, I did not let this stop me from learning a lot from show choir. Throwing up on stage might not be be most enjoyable experience, but you live and you learn. Through hard work and dedication, I have learned many lifelong lessons from show choir, and made many friends that will have a lasting impact on my character. As a result of being a part of show choir, I have grown much more confident over time. I am so much more confident in front of people because of show choir. I used to freak out before presentations, but show choir has showed me how to put on a smile, and fake your way through it (of course I still get nervous, but not quite as much). I am also much more confident in my body because of show choir. I am essentially healthier because of the physical aspect of show choir, and I have gotten used to looking at myself in the mirror because we learn choreography in front of mirrors. I am also much more confident mentally, and in my abilities. I see myself as a…show more content…
We won grand champion both of my middle school years, and that was the best feeling in the world. Seeing all your hard work pay off, is simply amazing. You finally see what all the time, money, hard work, etc, was for. Somehow, someway, I was honored with the outstanding performer award my eighth grade year. That is a feeling that I will forever remember. All I remember was not even thinking about what I was doing on stage, all I was thinking about was my best friend out in the audience instead of on stage with the rest of us. It was so shocking when my name got called for outstanding performer. That was the my favorite competition ever because we won grand champion, and I got outstanding performer. Knowing that I won that award taught me that my hard work pays off, and it motivates me to do my best while
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