Shower Observation Report

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The activity that I had chosen was taking a shower or bathing. I had selected this activity because taking a shower requires multiple brain functions. This is due to the fact of having multiple tasks that need to be completed before, in or after the shower. For example, standing, washing your hair and body or even shaving while showering. That is why the cerebellum, hypothalamus, the primary visual cortex and the medulla are the main parts of the brain that makes showering possible.

The first part of the brain that I had chosen that helps carry out the activity I had chosen was the cerebellum. The cerebellum plays a major part in being able to accomplish taking a shower. The cerebellum makes taking a shower possible because this part of the brain maintains your balance and muscle coordination. For example, if you were taking a shower you would need to keep your balance while washing yourself. But you would also need to be able to bend over to grab your shampoo and wash your hair.
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The hypothalamus helps regulate your body temperature and makes sure you maintain homeostasis. This is extremely important for showering because the hypothalamus makes sure that if the water is too hot or too cold for your internal organs, it will adjust to the temperature of the water. That way you will not harm yourself in the process of washing yourself. For example, if the water is too cold your body will begin to get goose bumps and cause you to shiver. This is the hypothalamus way to regulate your temperature to warm your body up and make sure your body maintain

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