Showing Restraint Analysis

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Everyone has a unique skill or talent and mine happens to be restraint. There are many positives to showing or having restraint. One main benefit of having restraint is that is makes you open minded. Another positive to showing restraint is that you will not get consumed in material items. I believe someone who shows restraint can help other people toward the same path. Showing restraint can lead oneself and many others to benefits. Someone who shows restraint can be much more open minded than other people. When working with a group of people on a project, sometimes there can be one person who really wants his ideas to chosen. This person tends to get very narrow minded and focuses solely on his own ideas. This can be viewed as a form of greed, which, in a way, can be an opposite of restraint. I believe having restraint can make a person more open-minded because they are more willing to listen to the ideas of other people. They are not quick to reject someone else’s thoughts. This attitude could brighten up someone’s day because they might feel like they actually are being heard by someone. Showing restraint can also limit your addictions in life. Without restraint, you might constantly consume…show more content…
In my opinion, people who have restraint can see people who might be troubled more easily than other people. I believe this because these people are more aware of their surroundings. I think they can sense certain emotions in conversation more easily which might allow them to know if something is troubling someone. It might be biased example but my mom tends to be really good at doing this. Whenever she talks to anyone she knows she seems to be able to pick up on these emotions in our tone of voice. She then proceeds to farther investigate the situation if something seems wrong and helps the person. Someone who is more focused on needs or wants might not be open minded enough to pick up on these
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