Shredded Legging Style

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10 ways to style shredded leggings
Leggings are a part of any woman’s comfort clothes. You simply match it with a cotton shirt or a knitted sweater, and you will be all set for a day full of coziness. However, what happens when you suddenly get captivated by the Nu Goth and Pastel Goth fashion trends?
You stay with your leggings, of course. It is impractical to give up one of the best garments ever created for one’s relaxation. The biggest aspect that will change is that the full legwarmers will become shredded leggings, so as to be well-suited to the edgy and rugged flair of the reformulated forms of Goth.
Ripped leggings are a big hit in these gothic styles, for the reason they provide the grunge portion of these alternative trends. In case
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Floral Oversized Tops
In case you are thinking that you also have to let go of your passion for flowers once you embrace the semi-Goth fashion, that is wrong. Nu Goth is more feminine than the regular Goth. Even though the first-mentioned heavily relies too on the dead colors, basically, the decorations can be floral. The flowery designs just can’t be very girly since that will take away the darkness in it. If this is the clothing design that you like, choose the tops that have bleeding flowers. If they are not pouring out blood, then they can be in deep purple and black colors.
Thigh-high floral tops are amazing with shredded leggings. The oversized upper clothing can complement the fitted bottom well. Nevertheless, it is recommendable to have the latter in neutral hues so that you can pair them with differently colored sweatshirts.
4. Leather Jacket
The leather jacket is predominant not just on action stars but also on the real rock stars of the 1990s. This is a premium material, so anyone who uses it can achieve an air of authority and indulgence. Thus, so many people have tried to copy them in the past and have worn leather stuff too. But did you know that you can get this kind of look even if you have already set your sights on the pastel or Nu Goth

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