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The word "cartoons " conjures up images of dramatized caricatures collectively forming a silly form of entertainment , one that has no educational value . This image overlooks the impact cartoons and animated films have on the impressionable minds of children. It overlooks the underlying themes of cartoons that impart social values onto their viewers.

In the movie "Ratatouille", there is a rat named Remy whose dream is to be a chef .His exquisite palate can detect the most subtle nuances in flavor and he wishes to put it to use by executing techinal dishes to perfection.This sounds like a very improbable story line but the movie has an important lesson to those watching . It is to follow your dreams no matter what the obstacles are . If
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Shrek is initially thought of as a savage who liked to devour humans for breakfast.People screamed at the sight of "scary green ogre".But as the story unfolds , Shrek is revealed to be a caring family man. Despite his outward appearance , he turned out to be human like the rest of them. This teaches an important lesson. No one should pass baseless judgments on others. Appearances can be misleading so no one should have preconceived prejudices againt others.

The movie Lorax also instills an important social value in its viewers.It protrays an earth without trees and with a plethora of plastic , metal and synthetics.It demonstrates how important the enviroment is for our survival . It inspires us to promote enviroment sustainability and to decrease our use of harmful products. The fate of our earth in the movie kindles a fire in us that wants to make sure earth stays green forever. The movie teaches how each of us can improve the enviroment around
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Sometimes, they have no social values to impart onto others . The show Richie Rich depicts money as the solution to everything . Money is represented as the panacea, the answer to all their obstacles. That teaches a terrible lesson to those watching . Some of the disney movies also create body image issues . The movies promote the idealogy that in order to have the perfect happy ending , girls must look like those princesses. Some disney movies also focus too much on finding "true love " . Ariel, a sixteen year old , disobeys her father, strikes a deal with an evil witch just so she could be with her true love , someone she had never even talked to. Cinderella changes everything about herself just so that she will be worthy enough for her prince. A beast kidnaps her , throws her into a dark dungeon and throws abusive language at her , but Belle falls in love with him . That probably didnt sit well with those women who actually face abuse at home . Tiana is so obsesed with love that she is willing to kiss a frog . All these movies represent life as nothing more than finding " the one " and having a happy ending and that is a faulty

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