Shrek Play Analysis

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While taking music appreciation we are expected to do an evaluation. I decided to do my evaluation over a musical play. During this play we are expected to take note and write evaluation over it. I chose to watch a musical play over Shrek at Dexter high school. I am familiar with the movie Shrek that is why I chose to go watch this play. During the play I noticed how well the cast performed, the mistakes made, lines forgotten, and the unique touches they added to the play. I believe the cast performed well throughout the play. As the cast performed there were obvious mistakes that were made during the musical. The first mistake happened in the third act. They were performing a dance and one of the dancers tripped over one of the props. The…show more content…
You had to be really paying attention to notice the forgotten during the play. I do not think the audience even noticed that the cast member forgot the line. Other than the line being forgot during the last act the whole cast seemed to be well prepared. You could tell they spent a lot of time on the song, the dances, costumes, and props in the play. There were a couple of things during the play that I found unique. The things I found unique during the musical play was that Donkey was a female. In Shrek the movie Donkey is a male. The cast member that played Donkey was very good and was very loud and out spoken just like the male character in the movie. The next unique thing during the play was that the dragon actually sung a song. During the movie Shrek the dragon does not talk or anything. Therefor I enjoyed the dragon having a song. Over all I enjoyed the musical play. I would definitely watch it again if Dexter had it as one of their musicals again. There was one thing I would change about the play. That is the music that was played while the cast was singing. The music over powered the sound of their voices. You could hear there what they were saying. You really had to pay attention to be able to hear the songs. Other than that I enjoyed the musical
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