Shrek Psychological Analysis

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For my paper I have chosen to study the movie Shrek and go into details of how the main character Shrek shows the psychological disorder of Schizoid Personality Disorder. The schizoid identity issue is portrayed by a solid issue within the foundation of the individuals themselves, and the way they are seen by others. A person with schizotypal personality issue exhibits a fear of social conditions and tries to keep away from being in these conditions in view of fear. These deficiencies are exhibited by how the individual shows distress with comfortable associations, contracted impact, as in their choice of dress, improvement, and moreover the way they go ahead with their regular daily existence. As told in the DSM-5, an individual must fit into…show more content…
A great many people with Schizoid Personality Disorder are not going to look for treatment unless they are under expanded anxiety or weight in their life. Treatment will generally be transient in nature to help the individual tackle the immediate emergency or issue; therefore, whole deal treatment of Schizoid Identity Issue with medication should be avoided. You can see this “immediate emergency” in the movie where in the beginning Shrek has to trust Donkey to guide him to the castle to save the princess. He also begins to change as a person when he begins to have feelings for Fionna and opens up to Donkey about his feelings. This shows a treatment where he is working slowly to better himself socially. He decides to take Donkey’s advice and goes to open up to…show more content…
This is because individuals who experience the ill effects of Schizoid Personality Disorder frequently keep up a social separation with individuals in their lives, even those near them; the clinician ought to work to guarantee the patient’s security in the helpful relationship. Psychotherapy ought to concentrate on straightforward treatment objectives to mitigate current concerns or stressors inside the individual 's life. Psychological rebuilding activities might be suitable for specific sorts of clear, unreasonable reflections which are adversely affecting the patient 's practices. The remedial system ought to be obviously characterized at the onset. Security and support are the keys to great treatment with somebody who experiences schizoid identity issue. The advisor must be mindful so as not to "cover" the individual and have the capacity to endure some conceivable "carrying on"
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