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Gazing brightly, quiet giggles and gasping constantly are some of the feelings my son and I experienced while watching Shrek the Musical. Shrek the movie has been part of our lives for quite a while; as my son would watch it over and over enjoying it each time as if it were the first. For this reason, I chose to take my son to see Shrek the Musical, a performance by the Gainesville High School Theater Department, for my humanities class field trip assignment. Shrek the Musical befalls a magnificent comedy that will instigate you to laugh and sing along whether you are just a kid or a grown up. It is a marvelous fairy tale of a hideous ogre finding true love despite of his physical appearance.
When we arrived at the Pam Ware Performing Arts Center of Gainesville High School we were in awe with the eloquent building brick design. As we went in, we noticed the proscenium stage in front of us in addition to the orchestra pit. The orchestra pit location rested just in front and below the stage. Since our seats were just a few rows from the center of the stage, my son and I had a delightful view of the orchestra. This was a wonderful experience
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There is something about being there to support our community of young actors that gives us a feeling of immense joy and satisfaction. Before the play commenced, the director gave a brief speech thanking several local organizations and businesses for their support in their theater productions. She would then proceed to mention that without their support none of this would have been possible. In my opinion, that was an effective example of humanism in our community. Watching our town come together and delight in an excellent play is what constructs our culture and tradition that will continue for generation and
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