Shreyer's View Of The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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The American dream in today’s time is about reaching a goal most of the time this goal is money and being higher up on the social ladder. William Schreyer in his speech “The Century of the American Dream” claims that the American dream is, “Freedom and opportunity, effort and investment, risk and reward, plus the infinite potential of the individual human mind and spirit.” Schreyer’s point on what the American dream is shows us that he believes the American dream is real and with some effort achievable. In the book The Great Gatsby, the American dream is shown as a goal that Jay Gatsby wants to reach. His goal is to be reunited with Daisy and going back to the relationship they once had he says this in chapter six saying, “I'm going to fix…show more content…
In an article titled “Reflections on the American Dream” the writer insists that “The American dream is a kind of opportunity club, and the very poor and very rich aren't members.” this is untrue because many that were poor were able to reach the American dream in the 1800’s John D. Rockefeller was born, and he was born poor and had to work since a young age. But his poor status didn’t stop him from reaching the American dream because he went on to establish the standard oil company and became one of the wealthiest people in America. So the American dream is possible for all and not just a certain social class.In the article “Reflections of the American Dream” the writer also claims, “that the American dream is something of a fraud.” basically the writer is saying that because the American dream isn’t real it is impossible to achieve. I disagree I don’t believe that the American dream is a fraud and I think that it is possible for all because it is our goal in life and if we work hard enough we can achieve it.…show more content…
The American dream is possible and not just for a certain social class and is also achievable if the person is willing to work hard for it and believe that they can achieve it. Today the American dream is about reaching a specific goal and a majority of the time this goal is money and being higher on the social ladder, this reminds me of Donald Trump his American dream in 2016 was to go higher on the social ladder and he achieved this goal by becoming the President of the United States and he did this by working hard and believing it was possible. The American dream is possible and achievable so what? The American dream matters because it is our goals and if it wasn’t possible or achievable we wouldn’t be able to reach the goals we have set for our

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